Organizations are stepping up their employee engagement efforts as they work to attract, develop, and retain top talent in today’s competitive and constantly evolving talent market.

What strategies are you leveraging to increase employee engagement?

How have you enhanced your recruitment strategy to attract qualified, diverse talent?

What initiatives do you have underway to engage your top performers?

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“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

— Stephen Covey

“U.S. Employee Engagement Needs a Rebound in 2023.”

According to Gallup, employee engagement dropped in 2021 for the first time in a decade and it continued to decline in 2022. As the story highlights:

  • Young workers, women and remote-ready on-site workers dropped in engagement
  • Fully remote employees increased in “quiet quitting”
  • Clarity of expectations fell across demographic categories and job types

As highlighted in Forbes:

“While companies build out their strategic plans for 2023, a key focus point will inevitably be improving employee engagement”.

You know you need to prioritize employee engagement and make strategic investments in your talent. You also know that doing so positively impacts your customers and your business – and directly impacts engagement and retention.

Coaching for Organizations

Ready to invest in your talent? With engagement and retention in mind, organizations are strengthening their talent development strategies with career development coaching programs for: emerging leaders, executives, inclusion and diversity (I&D) leaders, employee resource group leads, promoted professionals, and top talent including those identified on succession plans. Investing in employee development sends a strong positive symbol of support to your employees and honors their career aspirations. With the opportunity for growth and a dedicated coach to help guide the way, the results of coaching are immeasurable.

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From 1:1 coaching and consulting to group workshops and speaking engagements,
Talent Weaver provides the right resources at the right time based on your individual and organizational needs.

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Need to amplify your internal talent efforts? Engage support for recruiting refinement, leadership development, training, or outplacement. Let’s explore your business needs.

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Looking for an experienced talent leader to speak at your next professional event? Topics involving mental fitness, hybrid work, unlocking team strengths are the most frequently requested.

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Ready to level up the talent on your team? Demonstrate your commitment to professional growth for yourself and your team, by engaging in classroom training and workshops.

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Lawrence Gardner

“Kathy is a very detailed-oriented, forward-thinking leader who inspires her team to achieve success. Her track record of growing organizations, teams, and people through leveraging strengths while identifying areas for opportunity is unmatched. Her strong moral conviction and tremendous energy inspires clients, colleagues, and leaders alike. If you are looking for a force, leadership, and engagement multiplier that adds value, Kathy is one of the best that I’ve met!”

— Lawrence Gardner
Lee M. | Fine Artist

“She really blends professionalism with a compassionate manner. And so smart! She knows the corporate world and has deep experience that she combines with her coaching skills.”

— Lee M. | Fine Artist
Becky Williams, Founder of REALM Leadership

“Kathy cares deeply, listens thoughtfully, and gives selflessly. She is an accomplished facilitator, inspiring mentor and engaging speaker with a passion for accelerating growth.”

— Becky Williams, Founder of REALM Leadership

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