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“I define a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.”

— Brené Brown

Career Coaching Services

We partner with ambitious corporate leaders (and aspiring leaders!) who are eager to grow and advance their careers.

Athletes develop their talents with the support of great coaches.

Individuals achieve results through the motivation of a personal trainer.

The same is true for corporate professionals and business leaders.

Coaching uncovers our blind spots, strengthens leadership skills, and leads to behavior change that directly impacts business results. At Talent Weaver, we believe in leveraging our strengths, growing our talents, and making career contributions that bring joy and the accomplishment of positive, meaningful outcomes for a brighter future. Career Coaching is an investment in your talent. It is particularly beneficial as you take on new roles, encounter new challenges, and advance your career and life responsibilities.

Our Career Coaching Programs

Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Considering a change in department or industry? Exploring a variety of career options? Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Wondering where to spend your time – or where to even start? The Career Exploration Program is your best option for gaining clarity on your path forward. Explore your strengths and passion and map out your path. Work through the overwhelm and increase your confidence. Rather than spinning your wheels or going through the motions, advance your career toward success.

Career Search Strategy

Career Search Strategy

Embarking on your career search and need guidance on your action plan? Encountering the emotional highs and lows of the career search roller coaster? Trying to figure out how to utilize your time and energy more effectively? The Career Search Strategy Program is for you if you have the clarity on your path forward and are eager to build a plan of action that will allow you to gain traction and build momentum in your career search.

Career Growth

Career Growth

Established in your career and ready to advance your career path? Unsure of the short-term actions you need to consider on your path to your long-term success? The Career Growth Program is a great match if you are eager for focused support as you navigate the complex challenges of today’s world of work. We’ll help you make the strategic decisions today that will position you to elevate your contribution and advance your career.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching “Hot Topic” (90 Minutes)

Encountering a “hot topic” that would benefit from priority focus? This high-impact 90-minute coaching session provides timely support on a specific HR or Career “Hot Topic”. Bring your highest priority for dedicated focus – your LinkedIn bio, resume, interview preparation, compensation negotiation questions, leadership challenge, tough team scenario, or any other priority career topic. Use this time to focus intently on a topic where making a timely decision or taking decisive action will serve you and your goals well. During these sessions, you will receive strategic guidance specific to your situation that will help you build your plan of action.

VIP Strategy Session - Strategy-into-Action

VIP Strategy Session – Strategy-into-Action

Eager to double down on your efforts on a Very Important Priority (VIP)? Accelerate through self-doubt into focused action. Gain momentum by engaging a strategic partner to work with you, side-by-side, for a half day entirely focused on you and your career objectives. Let’s align on the focused priorities in advance of the scheduled session and then roll up our sleeves and get to work in support of you and your goals. This high-impact 4-hour working session provides intentional focus on key priorities, with the added benefit of a thought partner dedicated to helping you accelerate toward your desired results.

What Clients are Saying

Aykel Smith, Director, Executive Services

“First and foremost, Kathy is an amazing human being! She is so supportive and kind to everyone she meets. In her professional life, Kathy is so organized, methodical, thoughtful, and deliberate. She approaches all her interactions with intention and focus. She gives advice in such a nonjudgmental way and meets all her clients where they are on their career development journey. She doesn’t take the “one size fits all” approach but rather spends time and energy crafting an individualized strategy for all her clients. If you are looking for a partner with years of experience in the HR space to help guide you in your journey, you must work with Kathy!”

— Aykel Smith, Director, Executive Services
Brent Schmidt, Strategic Fuel

“Kathy is an excellent communicator who helped sharpen my writing and highlight my skills and best qualities on my LinkedIn page. She is a master at seeing the talent in others and helping people recognize and utilize their unique skills and abilities. Kathy has an infectious energy and a genuine desire to support the success of others. Connect with Kathy if you are looking for guidance and support to succeed in your career.”

— Brent Schmidt, Strategic Fuel
Beth Guyton, Vice President, Patient Experience

“I highly recommend Kathy for her professionalism, integrity, and genuine commitment to developing others. She is an exceptional coach who puts her clients first.”

— Beth Guyton, Vice President, Patient Experience
Marianne Schroer

“I was fortunate to connect with Kathy at a critical juncture in my job search. I was feeling stuck and not even sure what questions I should be asking. Her expertise was exactly what I needed. She provided both tactical and strategic feedback that opened my eyes to new possibilities on how to position myself, connect with others, and really hone in on the career I wanted. I highly recommend engaging with Kathy!”

— Marianne Schroer

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