At Talent Weaver, it is our goal to provide you with the resources and support you need to reach your professional and personal goals. While there are a lot of exciting ways we can work together, sometimes you just need the basics to get started – and, of course, we want to help you with that, too!

Below you’ll find a list of helpful guides that we’ve put together to support you on your way to success. Make sure to check back often to discover new resources for students, entry-level talent, experienced professionals, and organizations!

Talent Weaver Resources

  • Let Your Talents Shine

    Ready to grow your career to the next step or transform your career altogether? Download this guide to consider how to identify, build, share, and showcase your strengths.

Career Search and Networking

  • Writing Prompts - Interview Thanks

    You know you need to get that interview thank you note out in a timely fashion. Download these writing prompts to get that thank you on its way! Wishing you the best as you await interview results!

  • Writing Prompts - Networking Thanks

    Are you actively working to build your network? Use these writing prompts to get your thank you notes quickly on their way.

  • Interview Questions to Ask Employers

    Stand out in your job interview with our free guide of thought-provoking questions for prospective employers. Elevate your interview game; this is your opportunity to shine. Good luck!

  • Career Conversations

    It's time to jump into the driver's seat of your career. Utilize this list of career conversation questions to engage your manager and advance your career. Download this free resource and get the conversation started.

College Application and Scholarship Essays

  • College Essay Status Sheet

    So many college essays! So many deadlines! This is an exciting time and yet there is so much work to be done. Download this tracking spreadsheet and use it to maintain focus on your upcoming deadlines.

  • Student Resume Template

    Boost your college application or job search with our free student resume template. Tailored for students, this professional template highlights your skills, achievements, and experiences. Download now to create a standout resume.