College-Bound Seniors

Experiencing all of the excitement that comes with your junior/senior year of high school, and yet, know it is time to get serious about your college essays?

You have worked a lifetime to build a well-rounded skillset. Let’s team up to tell your story and ensure your essays shine!

Our working sessions are designed to help you put your best foot forward.


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“We can change the way our next chapter will be written because we are still holding the pen in our hands.”

— Lisa Nichols

Why Collegiate Coaching?

There are so many exciting milestones and firsts with college, internships, and career opportunities. It is essential to protect the hope and drive that defines this exciting time while also nurturing the professionalism and maturity needed to make pragmatic college and career choices.

“There is a fine balance there that can make a world of difference. In terms of professional experience, in addition to serving as a campus recruiter, I have also led talent acquisition functions at several organizations throughout my career, where I had the opportunity to interact with and coach collegiate and early career professionals. Ultimately, my ability to leverage my executive HR expertise in talent identification combined with campus recruiting experience ensures I am equipped to help students truly shine.” – Kathy Weaver, Founder & CEO

Coaching that ensures your story and talents shine.

When you work with Talent Weaver, the choice is yours. We have two exciting ways college-bound seniors can work with us. Choose what works best for your learning and work style!

We offer one-on-one private Coaching Packages as well as a College Essay Success Program which takes you through the process of writing your college essays in a small group setting.

You have worked a lifetime to build a well-rounded skillset. Let’s create working sessions that are best designed to meet your needs and timeline.


For general direction or quick, direct help on a specific topic related to your college essays.

5 session

Ready to get to work? Let’s put the time to its greatest use for the areas in highest need of support.

10 session

Most Popular

Let’s build our plan, roll up our sleeves, and dive in. Today is a great day to get that goal in motion.

20 session

You have a big goal. Let’s build a plan for consistent, focused effort, and get things in motion for success.

College Essay Success

Write a College Essay that Wows Admissions Committees!

Master the art of crafting compelling college admissions and scholarship essays. Learn how to showcase your unique talents for positive impact.

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  • College Essay Status Sheet

    So many college essays! So many deadlines! This is an exciting time and yet there is so much work to be done. Download this tracking spreadsheet and use it to maintain focus on your upcoming deadlines.

  • Student Resume Template

    Boost your college application or job search with our free student resume template. Tailored for students, this professional template highlights your skills, achievements, and experiences. Download now to create a standout resume.

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Larry Kistler

“Thank you for working with our daughter as she enters her senior year of high school. It’s been quite a journey for her already, and we know her life is just beginning. Taking the time to discuss her goals and options as she continues her education have given her more direction and focus.”

— Larry Kistler
Rossana Kistler

“Thank you for working with our daughter on her scholarship and college application essays. She’s a great student and a bright young lady, and YOUR talented skills of polishing up her essays have given her that extra boost of confidence she needs. Thank you for helping our daughter on this part of the journey since it can be quite overwhelming for the student AND the parent.”

— Rossana Kistler
 MC Kistler

“Kathy has been an excellent resource for me to hammer down the essays I have to write to get into college, helping me take my original ideas and enhance them while keeping true to my message and who I am. Working together allows me to see the writing from a different perspective. She knows all the core traits that an admissions office is looking for, and how to incorporate my experience into the answers while keeping on track with the main point of the essay. Without her, I would have college essays that were wordy and not memorable to an admissions office. I am confident that, with her help, my essays will leave a lasting impact on the admissions committees and give me the best shot possible to get into the college(s) I want!”

— MC Kistler
Ava Wilson

“My coaching experience was excellent. You helped me realize the importance of my own thoughts and words (rather than the words of others). I felt confident turning in my essays and got accepted into ALL of schools I applied to! I took your advice and applied it to the scholarship applications I submitted and was able to get quite a lot in scholarships.”

— Ava Wilson
Claire B.

“Kathy sat down and helped me turn my thoughts and ideas into words, instead of just editing an already completed essay. The hands-on experience was very helpful and supportive. She works with you to highlight your strengths and successes and will help you find your voice during the writing process. I recommend Kathy to those who are going through the college application process because she will help you write impactful and impressive essays in your own unique voice.”

— Claire B.
Danielle L.

“This coaching experience exceeded my expectations due to the time that Kathy committed to reviewing the essays prior to our sessions and the quality of the comments and insights given. I recommend Kathy at Talent Weaver Solutions because she is energetic, upbeat, hard working, and knows the field.”

— Danielle L.

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