Community Partnerships

We believe in getting involved and giving back to our local community and are proud to have community partnerships with many leading organizations.

We are inspired to make a positive impact, celebrate diversity, and create opportunities for learning and growth.

ATHENA Enlightened Leaders

A non-profit leadership development program that offers a series of highly-interactive workshops based on the ATHENA Leadership Principles. This program creates space for intentional focus on leadership skill enhancement and is offered to women leaders and aspiring leaders. ATHENA Enlightened Leaders Program provides an opportunity to learn from a diverse group of community leaders and program colleagues.

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A non-profit strategic initiative driven to increase awareness and advocacy for women considering careers in the field of technology. Entering and navigating a career in the tech industry can be challenging. ATHENA in STEM initiatives are based on the ATHENA Leadership Principles and start at the high school level. The focus is on equipping, empowering, and encouraging women in their current and future career endeavors.

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CORRAL Riding Academy

A non-profit organization that equips adolescent girls in high-risk situations through a long-term, holistic program of equine therapy and education. CORRAL provides access and opportunities for underserved girls. CORRAL’s program includes academic support, individualized equine-assisted therapy, family counseling, mentorship, vocational and life skills training, college and career preparation, and community support.

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Scouts BSA

A non-profit organization supporting boys and girls to explore their interests, serve their communities, and develop their talents through youth-led activities. With focus on character development, value-based leadership, and activities that lead to personal responsibility and high self-esteem, Scouts develop their leadership skills through earning badges and engaging in community volunteerism.

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Girl Scouts

A non-profit organization that encourages girls to discover their abilities and grow their leadership skills through earning badges and dedicating time through community service initiatives. With emphasis on adventure and discovery, Girl Scouts are encouraged to try new things, test their limits, and work toward goals as a team. The girls engage in their communities, support others, and solve problems.

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Green Level High School PTSA

A Parent Teacher Student Association that advocates for the education and well-being of every child, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for students, staff, families, and our community to achieve our common goals. The PTSA directly impacts students and staff at Green Level High School as well as adds a voice to county, state, and national education issues.

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Andrea Conner, ATHENA of the Triangle Board Member, ATHENA in TECH Committee Chair, Past President ATHENA International

“Kathy joined the ATHENA in Tech committee at a time when we were taking our vision to inspire middle and high school girls to consider tech careers to the next level. Her collaborative nature and depth of knowledge on strategies to engage diverse populations were instrumental in formulating the infrastructure we are using to scale.”

— Andrea Conner, ATHENA of the Triangle Board Member, ATHENA in TECH Committee Chair, Past President ATHENA International
Joy Currey, CORRAL Founder and Executive Director

“Kathy has come alongside our organization and partnered with our leadership team to understand our strengths and weaknesses and help us develop strategies that address our needs. Her suggestions have been customized to our organization and our capacity. She has an incredible knack for listening while also challenging assumptions that may be restrictive to our progress. We are grateful for Kathy’s help!”

— Joy Currey, CORRAL Founder and Executive Director
Becky Williams, Athena of the Triangle Board Member

“Kathy cares deeply, listens thoughtfully, and gives selflessly. She is an accomplished facilitator, inspiring mentor and engaging speaker with a passion for accelerating growth.”

— Becky Williams, Athena of the Triangle Board Member